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Trellis Installation Resources

Getting Your Site Ready For Trellis

Before installing Trellis there are several things that you can do to make sure that your site is fully prepared to make the switch, which we have detailed in this article.

How do I install Trellis on my WordPress site?

Our step-by-step Trellis Installation Help Article will provide everything you’ll need to get the Trellis framework and a child theme (if desired) running on your WordPress site.

How do I install Trellis plugins to my WordPress site?

 If you’ve purchased a license for Trellis in our Marketplace, you’ll also get access to any current and future Trellis plug-in add-ons. This help article will provide the steps you’ll need to take to upload new plugins to your WordPress site.

Conflicts and Compatibilities

Some WordPress plug-ins don’t play well with the Trellis framework or child themes. This frequently-updated help article outlines known conflicts identified by our support staff.

Trellis Display Settings Overview

The Display tab in the Trellis settings will help you to adjust some of the built-in customization settings available with the framework. You can find out more in our detailed help article.

Trellis Advanced Settings Overview

The Trellis Advanced Settings contain various options to make sure that Trellis works the way that you need! Our Trellis Advanced Settings help document is frequently updated and can serve as a guide when reviewing these settings.