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Grow, Social Pro Changelog

= 2.13.0 =

FEATURE: Better Settings management, allow other themes and plugins to set settings dynamically
FEATURE: Substitute Composer for bespoke file loading to improve stability
FEATURE: Add Activation and Deactivation Hooks with Data Sync
FEATURE: Recommended PHP and WordPress versions have been updated to PHP 7.4 and WordPress 5.2
FEATURE: Allow disabling iFrame pinning
FEATURE: New lighter weight Icon Animation
FEATURE: Add Intercom to Grow UI screens
FEATURE: Make Optimized JavaScript default for new installations
FEATURE: Stronger indication of visual focus on buttons
FIX: Fix bug preventing \'K\' from being added to rounded share counts
FIX: Add aria-label attribute to network buttons
FIX: Add noopener to Pinterest hover buttons
FIX: Remove noreferrer from Network Buttons
FIX: Prevent notice when Grow runs in some some contexts created by other plugins like Create
FIX: Hidden images should not get filtered
FIX: Move all WordPress hook registrations inside functions so they are invoked by the bootstrap rather than the autoloader
FIX: Adding hover buttons should no longer interfere with inline styles
FIX: Hidden Images being set to no-pin when using image optimzers that wrap images
FIX: Text Alignment with Pinterest Button
FIX: Icon alignment in single column views
FIX: Fix no pin attribute issue with tasty migrator
FIX: Resolve conflicts with Create by Mediavine list images
FIX: Added Tumblr option to Follow Widget
FIX: Image Hover Button text appearing in search results
FIX: Prevent tools from rendering multiple times on certain plugins and themes
FIX: Corrected the stuck ON state of the Disable Pinning toggle
COSMETIC: Fix button style 7 border

= 2.12.3 =

FIX: Error with Stripping of some Yoast meta tags

= 2.12.2 =

FIX: Ensure special characters get encoded properly for front end data.
FIX: Issue with removing Yoast meta tags breaking optimization plugins

= 2.12.1 =

ENHANCE: Allow plugins or themes to identify content area and ignoring of specific images.
ENHANCE: Don\'t load styles if Grow elements don\'t exist on page
ENHANCE: Add share counts to data object for easy access
FIX: Ensure total count on sticky bar remains readable with custom color
FIX: Improve accessibility for buttons
FIX: Fix issues with images outside of content getting pinned
FIX: Compatibility with Thrive Theme Builder and Widgets
FIX: Compatibility with Genesis Featured Post Widget
FIX: Issues with some pinterest data missing
FIX: Ensure optimization plugins don\'t interfere with front end data
FIX: Issue with pin descriptions using hashtags getting cut off
FIX: Ensure Yoast OG Tags get Removed if Grow tags are being used
FIX: Pop animation settings respected
FIX: Avoid errors with hover buttons when having multiple spaces in classes
FIX: Errors occurring on archive pages

= 2.12.0 =

FEATURE: Add alignment option to follow widget
ENHANCE: Ensure integration classes are loaded even in admin
ENHANCE: Better integration with Trellis Theme Framework
FIX: Typo in Pinterest URL

= 2.11.4 =

FIX: Pinterest Button Sharing single image with Optimize JS setting disabled
FIX: Error with No pin when the Pinnable images setting has never been changed

= 2.11.3 =

ENHANCE: Ensure UTM parameters are passed to pinterest pins
ENHANCE: Use HTTPS protocol for Pinterest actions
ENHANCE: Better integration with Trellis Theme Critical CSS functionality
FIX: Make sure icons are loaded into shortcode buttons in case they are stripped out by svg filters
CHANGE: Roll back icon alignment issues from 2.11.0 release that caused some other issues

= 2.11.2 =

FIX: Prevent fatal on servers running pre 7.0 versions of php

= 2.11.1 =

FIX: Prevent fatal error from function name conflicts with some custom fixes for tailwind compatibility

= 2.11.0 =

FEATURE: Added a button to refresh share counts on all posts
FEATURE: Added ability to set minimum share for individual networks
FEATURE: Added ability to set minimum share for individual networks
FEATURE: Added ability use large image size for hidden pinterest images for better integration with services like Tailwind
FEATURE: Added ability to disable lazy loading for hidden pinterest images for better integration with services like Tailwind
CHANGE: Link to Mediavine docs instead of older Devpups docs
ENHANCEMENT: Add a body class to indicate to themes that the sidebar will show up on Mobile
ENHANCEMENT: Add async and noptimize to JavaScript assets to prevent compatibility issues with WP Rocket, Autopmize and other optimization plugins.
ENHANCEMENT: Deeper integration with the Trellis Theme framework
FIX: Ensure that pinterest hover button pop up still works with Optimize JavaScript setting
FIX: Resolved an alignment issue with some themes when single column buttons are used
FIX: Prevent images from Thrive Leads plugin showing up as pinnable when they shouldn\'t
FIX: Make sure pinterest share pop up is the correct size to view content
FIX: When labels are not shown, ensure that the icons with and without counts line up with each other on 1, 2, and 3 column layouts
FIX: Change sidebar body class to be more consistent with other themes
FIX: Ensure pinterest pop up works when Optimze JavaScript setting is used

= 2.10.2 =

FIX: Ensure proper import/export of Pinterest Settings

= 2.10.1 =

FIX: Always display Pinterest general settings

= 2.10.0 =

ENHANCEMENT: Use inline SVG for icons instead of icon font, will improve load times and page speed scores
ENHANCEMENT: Added pin title attribute to hidden images
ENHANCEMENT: Added title attribute to share and follow links for accessibility
ENHANCEMENT: Added support for Pinterest Image Hover button to all post types
CHANGE: Pinterest Image Hover button settings now has its own dedicated page and if the tool is active it will show up in the admin submenu
CHANGE: Legacy Serial key input has been hidden
CHANGE: Switched the Facebook App transient to use an option instead for better compatibility with some hosts.
FIX: Fixed an issue in Safari where Pinterest hover buttons could cause image captions to move around the page.
FIX: Fixed a conflict with the Trellis theme framework that caused floating sidebar to overlap with content
FIX: Fixed a conflict with the Trellis theme framework that caused inline buttons to output twice
FIX: Fixed a conflict Lazy Load that would cause hidden images to not be available for pinning
FIX: Added some defensive measures to make sure serialized values get unserialized properly
FIX: Fixed an error in share count rounding that would cause too many numbers after the decimal point
FIX: Pinterest Image Hover Overlay will no longer keep a visitor from right clicking to save an image.

= 2.9.1 =

ENHANCEMENT: Switch to use version 4 of the Bitly API, adding some interface options for compatibility

= v2.9.0 =

ENHANCEMENT: Now checking for updates from Mediavine servers.
ENHANCEMENT: Move Grow settings down in the admin menu to free up space near content.
ENHANCEMENT: Ensure compatibility with Page Builders and image Pinterest data
FIX: Pinterest button should be centered correctly when that option is settings.
FIX: Total shares number should not wrap
FIX: Twitter links should open in new window
FIX: Optimized JS should not interfere with Pinterest follow button
FIX: Add multiple hidden images button should work properly

= v2.8.0 =

ENHANCEMENT: Ensure text remains visible during icon webfont load
ENHANCEMENT: Sanitize Open Graph and Twitter tags on titles and descriptions
ENHANCEMENT: Change Youtube Username field label to Youtube Channel
ENHANCEMENT: Use Trellis content hooks
ENHANCEMENT: Change default campaign (utm_campaign) name
FIX: Pin it hover button should no longer remove Pinterest\'s widget from the screen
FIX: Exclude emoji images from being wrapped by the pin it hover button element
FIX: Better spacing for the inline links
FIX: Twitter character count should be correct and accommodate for url and username

== v.2.7.3 ==

New: Added Tumblr follow button.
Fixed: Issue with adding multiple Pinterest hidden images when thumbnail sizes were not saved in WordPress settings for media.
Fixed: Issue with posts in the top shared posts widget not being sorted by share counts.
Misc: Blocked social share counts from being pulled when users are previewing a post.

== v.2.7.2 ==

Fixed: Issue with apostrophe being displayed as their encoded values in the data-pin-description attribute.
Fixed: Small bug from socialpug_share shortcode when using the description shortcode attribute.
Misc: Modified image size from large to medium for the hidden Pinterest images, due to issues with lazy loading plugins.

== v.2.7.1 ==

New: Added the dpsp_network_button_attribute_rel filter for filtering the share buttons rel HTML attribute.
New: iframe elements are also taken into account when disabling pinning for images.
Fixed: Issue with ampersand breaking the email subject when using the email share button.
Fixed: Issue with rendering the multiple hidden Pinterest images add new button.
Fixed: Issue with the post\'s social media data box causing errors on certain servers.
Fixed: Issue with the wp media JavaScript object, which was causing compatibility issues with certain plugins.

== v.2.7.0 ==

New: Added multiple hidden Pinterest images for post and pages.
New: Added option to select what the Pinterest\'s button behavior should be.
New: Added option to select what images should be considered pinnable.
Fixed: Issue with Pin It image hover button triggering a JavaScript error in certain conditions.

== v.2.6.6 ==

New: Added a new way of connecting to a Facebook App to be able to pull share counts.
Fixed: Issue with data-pin-id and the post\'s hidden Pinterest image.
Fixed: Yummly redirect error due to http call being made instead of https
Fixed: Missing article:author meta tag when using Yoast SEO plugin.
Misc: The Pinterest hidden image is now capable of being lazy loaded, for improved SEO.

== v.2.6.5 ==

Fixed: Pinterest image features not working properly with WordPress 5.2.
Fixed: Pinterest description for images not being set properly on post types different than post.
Fixed: Issue with social shares recovery system adding trailing slash to links even when it\'s not requested.
Misc: Crawls and bots no longer trigger the social share counts system.
Misc: Added rel noopener and noreferrer to the social share buttons.

== v.2.6.4 ==

Fixed: Gutenberg image block compatibility with Tasty Pins.

== v.2.6.3 ==

New: Added support for Pin repin ID
New: Added support for Pin description, repin ID and nopin in the Gutenberg image block.
Fixed: Pinterest image hover button compatibility with other Pinterest plugins.
Fixed: Floating Sidebar labels display issues on Safari browser.
Fixed: Compatibility issue with Yoast SEO\'s metadata description.
Misc: Added alt text to the hidden Pinterest image.

== v.2.6.2 ==

Fixed: Issue with Reddit share counts not being pulled, due to Reddit new API link.
Fixed: Issue with custom post Pinterest image not being pulled when using lazy load.
Fixed: Issue with Pinterest descriptions not showing if the Image Hover Pinterest Button was not active.
Fixed: Compatibility issues with Thrive Architect editor.
Misc: Removed support for Google+.
Misc: Small bug fixes on the admin screen.

== v.2.6.1 ==

Fixed: Issue with follow buttons being replaced by share buttons.
Fixed: Issue with the post\'s custom Pinterest image not showing up when using the Pinterest browser extension.

== v.2.6.0 ==

New: Added a new design language for the admin area and refactored the admin JavaScript and CSS files.
New: Implemented a more powerful social shares recovery system.
New: Full Yoast SEO compatibility
Fixed: Bug with post custom Pinterest image not showing as hidden only if the Pinterest image hover button was active.
Fixed: Issue with post custom hidden Pinterest image not showing up in Tailwind image selection.

== v.2.5.4 ==

New: Post custom Pinterest description now has character count.
New: Added image parameter to Yummly share URL.
Fixed: Issues on certain themes with Pin hover button and centered aligned images.
Fixed: Issue with Click to Tweet boxes on certain page builders.
Fixed: Issue with the mobile Sticky Bar appearing on desktop computers.

== v.2.5.3 ==

Fixed: Admin notification not disappearing after dismissal.

== v.2.5.2 ==

Fixed: Issue with Sticky Bar not showing up properly in certain situations.
Misc: Removed support for OpenShareCount.

== v.2.5.1 ==

New: Added Mix as a social share option.
New: Added Medium as a social follow option.
New: Added WPML support for the inline share buttons Share Text.
New: Added support for million abbreviation for the round share counts feature, is case of large share counts.
Misc: The Sticky Bar now hides back if it was initially hidden. This was done in order for it to work as the Floating Sidebar.

== v.2.5.0 ==

New: Added option to insert the custom post Pinterest image as a hidden pin within the post\'s content.
New: Added option to set the images\' default Pinterest description, if data-pin-description is missing from the image.
New: Added option to set the behavior of the Pinterest image hover button, to be able to pin the post\'s custom Pinterest image.
New: Added option to set an image to be unpinnable.
New: Added option to set the Sticky Bar share tool to the top of the page, for both desktop and mobile devices.
New: Added TwitCount integration to pull tweet counts as an alternative to OpenShareCount.
New: Added support for Yummly share counts.
Fixed: Removed the plugin\'s post meta-boxes from attachment edit pages.
Fixed: PHP warning for deprecated function when registering widgets.
Fixed: Issue with Pinterest image hover button not working in certain situations.
Misc: Minor user interface changes.

== v.2.4.0 ==

New: Added support for button labels in the Floating Sidebar share tool.
New: Transformed the Mobile Sticky tool into the Sticky Bar tool.
New: Added Pinterest pin description feature for all images from the post\'s content.
Misc: Removed support for NewShareCounts and added support for OpenShareCount for tweet counts.
Misc: Small UI changes for a better user experience.

== v.2.3.4 ==

Misc: Removed support for StumbleUpon.

== v.2.3.3 ==

Fixed: Issue with Pinterest image hover button and hidden images.

== v.2.3.2 ==

New: If the plugin has minimum social share counts active, the buttons will not display share counts for posts that do not have any shares yet.
Fixed: Pinterest follow button not redirecting to Pinterest.
Misc: Small interface changes for improved usability.

== v.2.3.1 ==

Fixed: Issue with Facebook API not pulling social share counts.
Misc: Removed cron job that pulled social share counts.

== v.2.3.0 ==

New: New social share counts system.
New: Added dpsp_get_share_buttons() function to display the social share buttons within template files.
New: Refactored the way Click to Tweet works and added new design templates.

== v.2.2.9 ==

Fixed: Issue with Floating Sidebar and Mobile Sticky being displayed twice on certain themes.
Fixed: Issue with Pinterest button when the pinit.js file was being requested.
Misc: Improved select2 JavaScript library detection system.

== v.2.2.8 ==

Fixed: Click to Tweet did not add the correct Tweet message.
Misc: Updated the Facebook API calls to version to 2.12.

== v.2.2.7 ==

Fixed: PHP warning in link shortening module.
Misc: Made the Share Options meta-box available for all public post types.

== v.2.2.6 ==

Fixed: LinkedIn social media description not being taken from the meta-box.
Fixed: Twitter opened two share pop-ups when Twitter scripts were being loaded in the page.
Misc: Removed Google+ social share count support, due to Google removing it also.

== v.2.2.5 ==

New: Added support for 280 character tweets.
Fixed: Issue with share pop-up being added to the page as an invisible object blocking the area from being clickable.
Misc: New design for social media buttons labels fields in admin panel to make them more visible.

== v.2.2.4 ==

New: Added Telegram follow button.
Fixed: Telegram icon display issues.
Fixed: Click to Tweet boxes icon display issues
Misc: Small styling fixes for the pop-up content message.

== v.2.2.3 ==

New: Added icon animation.
New: Total share counts are now stylized.
Fixed: Fixed save_post issue that caused WooCommerce purchase process to have massive delays.

== v.2.2.2 ==

Fixed: Custom content meta-box caused new post page to break.

== v.2.2.1 ==

Fixed: JavaScript error that would make certain admin pages not work.

== v.2.2.0 ==

New: Social share counts recovery system, that grabs social shares for both HTTP and HTTPS versions of the URL
New: Refactored the Share Options meta-box to improve user interaction and accessibility
New: Integration with as a link shortening service
New: Added Flipboard share button
New: Added Telegram share button
New: Added system debugger for easier debugging
Fixed: Compatibility issue with WP Statistics plugin

== v.2.1.0 ==

New: Added image hover Pinterest share button tool for single posts
New: Added option to set the mobile screen width individually per share tool
Misc: Refactored the way the plugin reads the current post that is being displayed
Misc: Refactored the link shortening system to allow easier integration with other link shortening services

== v.2.0.5 ==

Fixed: Issue with cookies for pop-up share tool not being set per website basis, just per page basis.

== v.2.0.4 ==

New: The title and message of the Pop-Up Share Tool are now both WYSIWYG editors, instead of text input and simple textarea
Fixed: Issue with Facebook access token generation, given that Facebook\'s API changed the returned value from simple string to JSON
Fixed: PHP notice in the function that determines if the buttons should be rendered or not

== v.2.0.3 ==

New: Added Xing share and follow buttons.
New: Added GitHub follow button.
Misc: Removed Pinterest from the link shortening system, because shortened links are no longer supported by Pinterest.
Misc: Changed icon and colors for Instagram to match their new branding.

== v.2.0.2 ==

New: Added Refresh Shares button in post edit screen so that the admin can refresh the post\'s shares manually if needed.
New: Added a new filter to be able to disable the pulling of the share counts on page load.
Fixed: Performed a security audit and fixed security issues.
Fixed: Issue with floating sidebar custom hover color animation.

== v.2.0.1 ==

New: Added Facebook App Secret field in Settings. If this is present the share counts should be handled with no problems.
Fixed: jQuery not defined error when optimising the website with Autopmize plugin
Fixed: VK did not share the correct link
Mixed: Links shared to StumbleUpon are no longer shortened as they are not supported by StumbleUpon

== v.2.0.0 ==

New: Refactored much of the plugin for improved modularity and performance
New: WhatsApp button is now available in all share tools
New: Option to display buttons only on certain posts
New: Possibility to sort posts by total share count
New: Force Facebook to scrape the post for new data after an admin updates that post
New: Added Swedish and Spanish translation files
Fixed: XSS Vulnerability in admin messages
Misc: Improved the social share counts system
Misc: Added field in the Settings page for Facebook App ID

== v.1.6.2 ==

New: Added English .mo and .po files to use for translating the plugin
Fixed: Twitter handle ( username ) would show twice in certain situations in the Click to Tweet boxes
Fixed: Total share counts would show, even if the post did not have the minimum share counts needed
Misc: Added new filter \"dpsp_top_shared_posts_raw\", to filter the top shared posts before inserting them into the data base

== v.1.6.1 ==

New: Added an option to display the total share count for a post displayed by the Top Shared Posts widget
Fixed: Click to Tweet box did not shorten the post\'s share link

== v.1.6.0 ==

New: The social share counts grabber system has been completely rewritten
New: Added intro animations for the Mobile Sticky

== v.1.5.8 ==

New: Added \"Show after user scrolls\" option for the Floating Sidebar
New: Added intro animations for the Floating Sidebar
New: Possibility to add a full URL instead of the username for the social networks follow buttons
New: Follow button for VK
Misc: Minor admin interface changes
Misc: Minor code improvements

== v.1.5.7 ==

New: Added \"url\" and \"description\" parameters to socialpug_share shortcode in order to share custom URL\'s, instead of the default post.
Fixed: Colors for e-mail button when using style number 2
Misc: Small changes to the design of the buttons when the button doesn\'t have social share count or a label

== v.1.5.6 ==

New: Added Buffer share button
New: Added Tumblr share button
New: Added WooCommerce support for Inline Content buttons before and after the product\'s short description
Misc: E-mail share button background color changed to green, to better differentiate it from the Print button

== v.1.5.5 ==

New: Added Pocket share button
New: Added Print button
New: Exit-intent trigger option for the pop-up share buttons
New: Timer delay trigger option for the pop-up share buttons
New: Added \"Share text\" option to display a custom text before the buttons from the inline content location
Misc: New polished design for the mobile sticky share buttons
Misc: Under the hood improvements and refactoring

== v.1.5.4 ==

New: Twitter tweet counts through
New: Added E-mail share button
New: Added a Total Social Share column in the WordPress admin page of each post type that has social shares
Fixed: Bug that caused issues in the WordPress admin page in Safari browser
Fixed: Issues with the Pinterest button on webpages served through HTTPS

== v.1.5.3 ==

New: Option to display the buttons from the Mobile Sticky only after the user scrolls. You can also add the distance the user has to scroll before the buttons get displayed.
New: Added 5 columns and 6 columns width options
New: Added rel=\"nofollow\" to all share buttons
Fixed: Buttons styles when the small and big sizes were selected
Fixed: Safari JavaScript error in WP admin when selecting which networks to show
Misc: Changed text domain from \"socialpug\" to \"social-pug\"

== v.1.5.2 ==

New: Google Analytics UTM tracking
New: Improved link shortening cacheing system

== v.1.5.1 ==

New: Ability to add a custom sharable content: title, description and image for a given post
New: Ability to add a custom Tweet for a given post
New: Ability to add custom Pinterest image and description for a given post
Fixed: The post\'s statistics meta-box now shows correctly the social networks
Misc: Minor admin UI fixes

== v.1.5.0 ==

New: Social Media Follow Widget and socialpug_follow  shortcode with the following social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Twitch, Yummly, Behance
New: Added Yummly share button
New: Added new option to add the Twitter username to all shared tweets
Fixed: Minor CSS fixes

== v.1.4.4 ==

New: Buttons custom colors
Fixed: Minor CSS fixes
Fixed: Escaping attributes for the Open Graph meta tags

== v.1.4.3 ==

New: Added WhatsApp share button to Mobile Sticky
New: Added button sizes for extra customisation

== v.1.4.2 ==

Fixed: Problems with automatic updates

== v.1.4.1 ==

Fixed: PHP Notice caused by absence of post variable

== v.1.4.0 ==

New: Redesigned the plugin\'s admin dashboard
Misc: Minor performance improvements

== v.1.3.0 ==

New: Added new social sharing pop-up tool

== v.1.2.4 ==

Fixed: Fetching Google+ share counts resulted in PHP warnings and counts were not fetched

== v.1.2.3 ==

New: Added \"remove_url\" attribute to socialpug_tweet  shortcode, to hide the posts URL from the tweet
Fixed: Issue where adding a hashtag in the \"tweet\" attribute of socialpug_tweet  would break the tweet
Fixed: Post thumbnail from Top Shared Posts Widget displays correctly on Firefox now
Fixed: CSS issue where buttons without labels and rounded corners did not get displayed correctly

== v.1.2.2 ==

New: Added the time to the name of the export file
Fixed: Small bug that showed the buttons on posts when no post types where selected

== v.1.2.1 ==

Fixed: JavaScript conflict with Redux Framework

== v.1.2.0 ==

New: Added socialpug_share  shortcode
New: Added \"Click to Tweet\" feature, in the form of socialpug_tweet  shortcode
New: Added the \"Share Options\" meta-box, where you can overwrite the location settings
New: Added URL Shortening with Bitly
New: Added display option \"Minimum share count\" so that the share counts get displayed only after reaching a certain share count
New: Added display option \"Share count round\" to round big share numbers to their thousands
Fixed: Fixed the way the buttons appear when the \"Show labels\" display option is not set
Misc: Refactored index.php into a class file

== v.1.1.1 ==

New: Added Minimum Share Count display option
New: Added Share Count Round display options. This will prettify big share number, rounding the numbers to the nearest thousand.

== v.1.1.0 ==

New: Added the Mobile Sticky footer that follows the user while scrolling on small screen devices.
New: Added display option to show the total share count before or after the sharing buttons for the Floating Sidebar and In Content locations.
Misc: Small interface changes

== v.1.0.0 ==

Initial release