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What is included with the Trellis Concierge Service?

Up to 3 hours of dedicated support with one of our support engineers, who will do the following:

  • Audit existing plugins and make recommendations (what should stay, what should go, what is redundant, what is not compatible)
  • Install the theme or themes (Trellis parent theme and/or a child theme, if applicable)
  • Install Trellis add-ons (Trellis Images, Trellis Category Content, etc)
  • Configure the theme settings
  • Activate the theme
  • With Trellis as the active theme, we will provide a re-audit of the site and its remaining plugins, and make recommendations to further optimize the site.

What is not included with the Trellis Concierge Service?

  • Custom theme templates cannot be developed or migrated. If you are currently using custom templates that are essential to your site, you should look into hiring a developer to assist with the migration to Trellis.
  • Child theming services cannot be provided as part of the Trellis Concierge service. If you require a child theme with special functionality, you should consider hiring a designer/developer to work on a custom child-theme.
  • Static page design and development cannot be provided as part of the Trellis Concierge. Existing static pages built with Gutenberg blocks should transfer just fine, unless the page relies on a custom template file.
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